Special Issue of the Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts: xCoAx 2014

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The Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts, published by the Portuguese Catholic University in Porto, has just released its special issue with a selected set of extended papers from the xCoAx 2014 conference. The issue includes works from Victoria Bradbury; Hanna Schraffenberger & Edwin van der Heide; ginger coons; Luísa Ribas; Monty Adkins; Arne Eigenfeldt, Miles Thorogood, Jim Bizzocchi & Philippe Pasquier; Andres Wanner; Adriana Sa, Baptiste Caramiaux & Atau Tanaka; and José Alberto Gomes et al. It’s open access at http://artes.ucp.pt/citarj/issue/view/6/



INTER-FACE is the second International Conference on Live Interfaces. INTER-FACE is dedicated to problematising convergences and divergences between different understandings of performance technology. It seeks to expose a variety of motivations and approaches, and discuss how specific understandings of ‘liveness’, ‘immediacy’, ‘timing’ or ‘flow’ manifest in performance with digital media. INTER-FACE will discuss the principles and assumptions governing interaction design, including perspectives from art, philosophy, product design and engineering. INTER-FACE seeks to create a space of multiplicity, so as to problematise how different spheres of concerns inform different approaches to interface design.

Proud to help Adriana Sá and Alex McLean to make this happen this week in Lisbon.