Special Issue of the Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts: xCoAx 2020

The Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts has just released a special issue with a selected set of extended papers from the xCoAx 2020 conference. The issue includes works by Sage Jenson and Kit Kuksenok, Birgit Bachler, Antonio Pošćić and Gordan Kreković, Dejan Grba, Caterina Moruzzi, and Rodrigo Hernández Ramírez, and was guest-edited by André Rangel, Luísa Ribas, Mario Verdicchio, and myself.

Open access at revistas.ucp.pt

xCoAx 2020

The fully remote xCoAx 2020, the eighth conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics, and X, is now available at 2020.xcoax.org. The book of proceedings was also published, edited by Mario Verdicchio, Miguel Carvalhais, Luísa Ribas & André Rangel, and designed by André Lourenço. ISBN 978-989-746-266-5. 478 pages.