Temporary Library of Portuguese Media Art for xCoAx

During this year’s xCoAx conference we presented the Temporary Library of Portuguese Media Art for xCoAx, curated by Alessandro Ludovico and co-curated by Luísa Ribas and myself.

The Temporary Library project relies on the concept of metaphorically breaking the classic boundaries of libraries. It means to bring publications in places where they’re not necessarily known, finally expanding and redefining in a contemporary sense, the public role of libraries. This project is about creating a temporary small library of Portuguese Media Art printed publications, which will be available during the xCoAx International Conference in Lisbon. Publishers and individuals have been asked to donate publications, and a specific space will be dedicated to consult the library. At the end of the conference the Temporary Library will be donated to the Faculty of Fine-Arts, University of Lisbon (FBAUL), and will form a special collection, available to be temporary lent as a whole, under certain conditions.