About me


I’m a designer and musician.

I’m an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, where I am associated with INESC TEC.

I collaborate with Pedro Tudela in the @c project since 2000, working often with LIA in audiovisual performances or installations. In 2003 we started the Crónica label where we’ve been releasing experimental and electronic music.

I completed my PhD thesis in early 2011. Following that, I published the book Artificial Aesthetics: Creative Practices in Computational Art and Design in 2016.

I helped to organize the xCoAx conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics and X, with editions in Bergamo, Porto, Glasgow, and Bergamo so far, and an upcoming edition in Lisboa. I also helped to organize the Invisible Places symposium and Inter-Face.

You can find a full CV here. Get in touch at miguel [at] carvalhais [dot] org or via Facebook or Twitter.

(Caveat lector: this site is a work in progress, things may yet be incomplete or missing.)